LIS in New Caledonia

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LIS undertook On-Site Construction Management and Consultancy with then project owner Extrata for the nickel mining and metallurgical plant of KNS (Koniambo Nickel SAS) in Koniambo New Caledonia.

LIS have been part of the EPCM (engineering procurement construction management); Planning; Construction and project control monitoring department (WIN/PCS). LIS have fielded qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and application specialists to these various departments which were attributable to the on-time operation and turn-over of power plants, metallurgical plant and the infrastructure that span from the mine site to the metallurgical plant.

Since then LIS has maintained a healthy relation with KNS owing to our professionalism and dedication, we have been retained the On-Site Construction Management and Consultancy company and a direct contractor of KNS up to present considering Extrata share in the project has been acquired by Glencore.