Our Company

On October 16, 1996, Louis International Manpower Services Incorporated (LIS) was organized and was granted an International recruitment license by the Department Of Labor and Employment.

On June 21 1998, the company was awarded as LEAD AGENT for the Taiwan market, a distinction not too many licensed agencies enjoy. The current and new management is composed of seasoned individuals replete with experience in overseas job contracting and personnel placement. The president, Mrs. Rachel V. Mendez oversees the day to day operation and assures that all selected and processed workers are deployed in accordance with their deployment date as committed to their respective principals or employers.

To date, despite the volume of deployment since its incorporation, LIS has maintained a very good record with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This can be validated anytime with the said government office and the consulate offices of the Philippine Embassies in your host countries. The capital structure of LIS with the SEC is P5.0 million pesos and has a subscribed and paid-up capital of P4.5million pesos, which is way over the industry standard and government imposed guidelines for licensed recruitment agencies of P2.0million pesos minimum (fully subscribed and fully paid). The authority of LIS to recruit and deploy applicants was renewed on January 8, 2012 and valid until January 7, 2016 under License Number POEA-003-LB-010612-R


To be a major contributor in the further development of the Overseas Placement industry in the Philippines, with emphasis on the welfare of the workers deployed without compromising the quality of deployed workers and employers specific requirements. Discover alternative and growing markets of overseas employment with the Filipinos as the ultimate beneficiary.

Why Choose Us?

Since our incorporation, we have remained steadfast in upholding our business principles of never compromising the client’s manpower requirements. As businessmen, we know the importance of getting the right people to do the job. We do not only assure the principal / employers of the worker’s competence but also their availability and timeliness in deployment.

We believe in Total Quality Management (TQM), its goals and the beneficial result it brings to the company. We also believe that management is equally important to the capital infused in the company.

That is why we put extra care and attention to the Manpower requirements of each and every prospective employer.