Nurses for UK Overview


•             For the past 4 years we have been the agency of choice by many Trusts in United Kingdom;


TRUST in UK is their term for "companies" managing hospitals, and now we have 4 accredited Trusts in our name with POEA. This can be verified anytime on the POEA website or hotline.

•             The demand from our various Trusts is for an aggregate total of 600 nurses of different specializations to be placed within and outside the Metro London area. Last year we have deployed over a 100 nurses to UK already.

•             The entry level salary for an NMC passer nurse is £ 19,000 per annum; In Peso that will be around PHP 1,300,000 per year roughly;

After passing the OSCE (needs to be taken within the 6 month from arrival) the salary is adjusted to £ 22,000 per annum around PHP 1,500,000.

NOTE: Our company does not collect any placement fees from our hired nurses!


PHASE I The Interview

•             Drug calculation exam - this is done online; we will send you the link so you can take this. We will immediately know the results after exam is completed.

•             Interview - this is done either 1) in-person in a pre-determined place and time that will be advised to you or 2) by skype; The time will also be advised to you and since this is via skype, a good internet connection is necessary. LIS OFFICE is available as for HIS/HER CONVENIENT LOCATION;

PHASE II The English Test

•             IELTS-UKVI or OET - IELTS (International English language testing system) while OET is occupational English test;

1. OET has a higher success rate because it is an english language exam FOCUSED ON • THE MEDICAL FIELD; Need to get all B’s on the four subtests - Reading; Listening, Writing; Speaking;

2. IELTS UKVI The acceptable grade or points to qualify for the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) is 7.0 for R, L, & S; While 6.5 for writing; There are review centers nationwide. We can recommend to you for your reference. We have Trusts that reimburse the cost of the review, but please note that not all our Trusts reimburse the cost and the payment is released when you start working in UK.


PHASE III The Computer Based Test

CBT - Computer based test on nursing ─ this is done after passing the OET or UKVI with the needed band scores; CBT will be done in an assigned testing centers convenient for you.

PHASE IV Documentation Process and Deployment to UK

The rest of the process on the filing of your application with NMC for the visa approval and the processing of your OECs with POEA and the scheduling of your appearance with the VFS (Visa Facility Services) for UK . The visa issuance and the booking of your flight will be our responsibility as your local agent, and you will also be assisted by our UK counterpart for questions and support you might need during the NMC document uploading process.



•             No services fees nor placement fees collected;

•             We are a LICENSED recruitment agency;

•             Re accommodation - U.K. is different from the Middle East; Only the first month of accommodation is free; Succeeding months will be charged to his/her personal account, but the Trust will be helping you locate a convenient site for you to stay at;

•             Most staff housing facilities give good rates for nurses / hospital nurses;

•             Reimbursable expenses - UKVI or OET (1 only); CBT; Medical (TB & OH); 

•             Exam costs:

OET-24,500;        UKVI: 14,000;     UKVI - ACAD: 9,800;         CBT:P9,500

•             Review center cost: P6,000 for   number of hours; Mock exam: P3,500;

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